Cru Central Coast
is a caring community
passionate about
connecting people
to Jesus Christ.

As a caring community, our heart is to see people drawn together. Through these communities, our hope is that people will help each other to develop, encourage one another, and provide places where people can share anything, without fear of judgment. This type of community is transformational and life-changing. We do this through large group meetings, smaller Community Groups where people can be known, and through events focused on personal development or having fun together.

We are also passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. As a missions organization, our DNA is desiring to see people experience Jesus. We train and equip people to have conversations with friends, family, and coworkers, and we mentor people toward having a healthy relationship with the Lord where they are comfortable stepping out in faith. We send students out to places like Santa Monica for a summer mission, and around the world as missionaries for a summer, a year, or long-term. Our hope is that God would use our movements to bring about hope and change throughout the world as people encounter and experience Jesus.

Cru Cal Poly SLO

As one of the 12 movements of Cru Central Coast, Cru at Cal Poly SLO (San Luis Obispo) focuses on students attending Cal Poly. Through the 800+ students involved in our large group meeting and in our Community Groups, we really do hope to give everyone at Cal Poly a chance to hear about Jesus.

But our movement has not always been this large. In fact, just rewinding back to 1997, you can see what we were then and where we are now. God brought about incredible growth and change to make this happen. It wasn’t Cru that caused any of it. As Cal Poly went quarter to quarter from 2001-2003, numbers almost doubled each quarter. From 40 to 80, 150, 300, 600, all the way to 800-1000 students in the span of just a few years. God did much and we just tried to keep up.

Even as our numbers grew, we quickly recognized that not all pockets of campus were involved in this growth. We were under-represented by athletes and faculty and ethnic-minority groups to name a few. So as we looked to reach every student and faculty, we realized we weren't going to do so through one group. We started looking to establish places where different groups of people could be welcomed and accepted.

Becoming Cru Central Coast

The first of these groups was Epic, our ministry to Asian-Americans. Through a Cru staff member and a single student who started praying together in 2003, God eventually helped to launch this movement in 2007. With 70-100 students now, God is using Epic to reach out to Cal Poly SLO through Asian-American students. He wasn't done there though.

In 2008, movements were launched at Cuesta Community College and in the Greek system (fraternities and sororities) at Cal Poly. These new movements expanded our scope and brought us into new pockets that were previously untouched.

In 2011, Athletes in Action started with a movement focused on collegiate and club athletes at Cal Poly as well as Faculty Commons with a movement focused on reaching professors and faculty.

In 2012, Destino launched with a focus on Latino/Hispanic students at Cal Poly.

In 2013, Branded launched with a focus on Ag majors at Cal Poly.

In 2014, Cru High launched at San Luis Obispo High School opening up yet another campus.

In 2015, movements were launched at Cuesta North in Paso Robles and Allan-Hancock in Santa Maria. We now had movements on 5 campuses. In addition, a movement started amongst the ROTC students at Cal Poly, which we now call Valor.

God continues to open new doors and new places for us to walk into. As we continue forward, we recognize all that God has done, but also the places God has yet to bring us. We are 12 movements focused on reaching the entirety of the Central Coast. And we are a single family doing this together. Together, we are Cru Central Coast.

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