As we select leaders for our different movements, we are looking for four things to be present in our applicants. These traits include being Faithful, a Leader, Available, and Teachable; or as we abbreviate it: FLAT. Here's what we mean:

Faithful: Being an active member in the movement you are applying for leadership with and committing to the responsibilities for the leadership position.

Leader: Being a person of influence with a willingness to focus on the needs of others.

Available: Willing to commit to being a part of a Community Group with Cru Central Coast as well as events, conferences, and leadership activities sponsored by your movement within Cru Central Coast.

Teachable: Having a desire to grow and a desire to receive input and feedback from others regarding your leadership.

As you consider leadership with Cru Central Coast, know that we are not looking for the "perfect" leader who has it all together, but rather someone willing to learn, grow, and pay attention to the needs of others.

We are so excited that you are considering leading with Cru Central Coast! Below, you will find a description of what leadership looks like and what different roles entail. Remember to look at the movement that you are involved in as that is where it makes the most sense for you to lead.


The Leadership Application is your first step toward applying for leadership with Cru Central Coast. The application opens on February 6th, 2017 and will remain open until the leadership positions are filled. It is recommended that the Leadership Applications be returned by Thursday, February 16th, 2017 for those applying for all positions other than Community Group Leadership.

Below, you fill find two applications, one for those interested in Team Leaders/Coordinators and one for those interested in leading a Community Group. Brief descriptions for the Teams/Coordinators are below. Please fill out and return the application corresponding to what you are applying for. Applications should be returned to Mikaela at mikaela.serafin@cru.org.

Leadership Applications:

Team Leader / Coordinator
Community Group Leader


As you read these Team / Coordinator descriptions, please pay attention to the Movement they are connected to. Not all Teams / Coordinators are present in every Movement. In general, Coordinators work under the leadership of Team leaders, helping to pull off events and serve in their roles.


Administrative Coordinator (All Cru Central Coast Movements): Works with Staff and Movement Leaders to organize communication, finance, data entry, and other administrative tasks as needed.

Cruber Coordinator (Cru Cal Poly): Organizes Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors to pick up Freshmen by the PAC each week for Weekly Meeting. Coordinates rides to other events as necessary.

Freshmen Guides Coordinator (Cru Cal Poly): Helps new Freshmen find out more information and get involved in Cru over the summer, before they arrive for classes.

Setup Coordinator (Cru Cal Poly): Coordinates a team of people to help setup and teardown the Weekly Meeting each week.

Snack Coordinator (Cru Cal Poly): Coordinates a team of people to help prepare snacks for the Weekly Meeting.

Summer Cru Coordinator (Cru Cal Poly): Organizes all Summer Cru activities over the summer including Weekly Meetings, events, and Community Groups. Organizes a team to help make this happen. Note: must be available to stay in SLO during the summer.

Welcome Coordinator (Cru Cal Poly): Coordinates a team of people to help welcome and make students feel at home during the Weekly Meeting.


Community Team (Cru Cal Poly): Fosters community throughout the year amongst the movement by planning social events. These events include the Barn Dance, Christmas Cru, and Night at the Oscars.

Fall Retreat Team (All Cru Central Coast Movements): Plans our largest weekend getaway for the year! Works with all movements to organize the retreat, plan content, and coordinate people to serve.

Global Vision Team (Cru Cal Poly): Focuses on creating a heart for missions through the movement. Plans and organizes times for the movement to hear about missions at Weekly Meetings, in Community Groups, and at other events.

Graphic Design Team (Cru Cal Poly): Creates all graphic content for social media, flyers, and Weekly Meeting slides. Coordinates with many other teams for their graphic needs.

Men's Team (Cru Cal Poly): Works with involved men to plan and coordinate events and trainings throughout the year. This includes the Men's Retreat in the spring.

Prayer Team (Cru Cal Poly): Focuses on creating a climate of prayer through the movement. Plans and organizes morning prayer times and prayer events.

Outreach Team (Cru Cal Poly): Helps give students opportunities to connect with Cru. This includes the Fall Freshmen outreach as well as events and trainings throughout the year.

Social Media & Dev Team (Cru Cal Poly): Creates content for Cru's social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) as well as web & app development for Cru's website and iOS/Android applications.

Veritas Team (All Cru Central Coast Movements): A club partnership with Cru, the Veritas Team focuses on planning the large Veritas Forum at Cal Poly as well as the Delve discussion group throughout the year. Recently, the Veritas Team also introduced Aletheia, a journal of Christian thought.

Weekly Meeting Team (Cru Cal Poly): Coordinates and plans the Weekly Meeting for Cru. This includes finding speakers, sorting through announcements, organizing other teams and coordinators, and event coordinating our largest consistent event.

Women's Team (Cru Cal Poly): Works with involved women to plan and coordinate events and trainings throughout the year. This includes the Women's Retreat in the spring.

Worship / Sound Team (Cru Cal Poly): Organizes worship and sound for events or Weekly Meetings as needed. This includes leading a team of people in the bands and coordinating sound setup.

Core Team (Branded, Cru Cal Poly, Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Action, Greek Row): Helps give overall direction to the movement by speaking into larger ideas or problems and evaluates how the movement is doing and where it could grow. Usually meets as a team with members of Cru Central Coast staff.

Movement Leader (Destino, Epic, Hancock): Helps give overall direction to the movement by organizing leadership, planning events, strategic thinking, and working directly with Cru Central Coast staff.